Dublin Plumber Blog 24 – Burst Heating Pipe

This week, the Dublin Area Plumbers team were called out to Dublin 2 to take a look at a burst heating pipe in a local restaurant. Read more to learn about our dedication to delivering hassle-free solutions to emergency situations.

The Story.

Very often we get calls from other tradesmen throughout Dublin. A normal working day can turn into panic so easily when things go wrong. This was a panic call we got from a tiler in the middle of a busy working day in Dublin 2 as he was tiling a floor in a coffee shop. Before tiling he had to remove the existing floor tiles. While using a kango to remove the floor tiles he accidentally hit a buried heating pipe. The pipes were very close to the surface and neither the tiler or the owner had any idea they were there so it was an accident waiting to happen.

When we got there shortly after the call the water had all but stopped but the heating system had completely drained, towels were all over the place soaking up the water. The repair was relatively easy, all we had to do was cut out the damaged section of pipework and install a new piece of pipe using 2 couplers. The pipe next to the burst pipe had also been hit by the kango, it was dented but not punctured so we left that one alone. The heating had to be refilled and the pipework tested at pressure before we could give the job the Dublin Area Plumbers seal of approval and the tiler could get back to work.

There was no advice we could give to the tiler after the job was done as these pipes were going to be hit by anyone attempting to remove the existing floor tiles. They really should have been buried deeper when they were originally installed. We also came back the following day and reinstalled a toilet that the tiler had removed to tile the floor. This restaurant in Dublin 2 reopened the following evening to a full house and its customers were none the wiser to the panic the day before.

The Results (of fixing the burst heating pipe).

The break:

Burst Heating Pipe
This heating pipe was ruptured during renovations at a local restaurant.


After the repair:

Burst Heating Pipe (fixed)
Dublin Area Plumbers quickly addressed the problem, allowing renovations to continue on as planned.

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