A Warm Home is a Happy Home: Central Heating Repairs and Maintenance

Your Local Registered Gas Installer

A Central heating system is the unseen hero that keeps our homes and workplaces comfortable, particularly during the chilly seasons. In Ireland, this reliable system can be in high demand throughout the year. At Dublin Area Plumbers, our speciality is delivering professional services you can trust.

Understanding Your Central Heating: From Boiler Repairs to Replacements

Let’s demystify how central heating operates. It’s straightforward – the system warms up water (or sometimes air) within a central unit, commonly a boiler, and then circulates it throughout your space, ensuring a cosy environment. The effectiveness of your heating system is directly tied to your boiler’s suitability to your property’s size. Need advice on choosing the perfect model? Our team of experts are ready and eager to help.

Tailored Installations

Thinking of installing new central heating? It doesn’t have to be an intimidating venture. Our experienced team is here to guide you through every step – from designing and installing, to maintaining a system that serves your unique needs. It’s crucial to pick a boiler that works well with your heating system for optimal efficiency, and we can help with that too.

Boost Your Comfort With Central Heating Upgrades

Is your older heating system lagging, perhaps running at half speed or even less? That could result in skyrocketing energy bills without the warmth to match. Dublin Area Plumbers are here to evaluate your existing heating system, design a modern replacement, and provide a competitive quote. We proudly serve both residential and commercial clients.

Efficient Central Heating Repairs

As time passes, all heating systems may need occasional repairs. Our dedicated team is equipped to swiftly detect issues and conduct repairs without delay. Various factors can necessitate repairs, including:

Pipe blockages
Radiator bleeding
Bolier problems
Faulty thermostats
Faulty thermostatic valvles
Pump failures
Damaged valves
Contaminated water

From these and more, our RGI and Oftec certified team has got you covered.

Let Dublin Area Plumbers be your first call for all your heating repairs and maintenance. We’re committed to providing excellent service you can trust.