How to Combat Frozen Pipes

This time of year can be a difficult one for homeowners. Bad weather, such as heavy rain and freezing conditions, can cause significant damage to homes across the country. Freezing conditions in particular, can result in severe damage to the pipework of a house.

Many people feel that the right course of action is to allow the pipes to thaw, but the thawing process is actually the main reason why frozen pipes are likely to become damaged. For this reason, you should consider frozen pipes as an emergency plumbing problem. If your pipes are frozen, it is vital that you seek the help, or advice, of a professional plumber immediately. If left untreated, your frozen pipes can burst and cause major flooding to your home.

Minimising the Damage of Frozen Pipes

  • Locate the mains stop cock and turn off the water
  • Move your furniture away from the pipes to prevent them getting wet while the pipes thaw
  • Use a hot water bottle, or hairdryer, to warm the pipes

If, after thawing the frozen pipes, you notice that a pipe is leaking or has burst, call a plumber immediately.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

When it comes to frozen pipes, prevention is a much more cost effective solution than repairing any damage that may occur. Here are some important tips on how to prevent frozen pipes in your home:

  • Insulation. Exposed pipes have a higher chance of freezing. If some of your pipes are exposed, it would be a great idea to get them insulated.
  • Check all your external walls for holes, then repair them. This will reduce any exposure to cold air.
  • You can also use wind barriers or tap covers to protect pipes, taps and valves on the outside of your property.

Dublin Area Plumbers have decades of experience dealing with all types of plumbing emergencies. If your home becomes damaged due to your pipes freezing, give us a call and we’ll assist you immediately.

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