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The Dublin Plumber Blog #21 – Compact Dishwasher

This week, the Dublin Area Plumbers team were called out to Dublin 7 to fit a compact dishwasher into a small space. Take a look at the great job we did and see the tight space in which we made the installation.

The Story.

A lot of living spaces are quite small these days, especially around Dublin city centre. So fitting a dishwasher can be tricky. If you want to retro fit a dish washer into a kitchen where there was none before a kitchen unit would usually have to be removed to make room for it. Not anymore. We recently installed a “compact dishwasher” into a small kitchen in an apartment on Benburb Street Dublin 7. We removed a carousel from a corner unit which was largely used as a junk press next to the kitchen sink. The compact dishwasher fit perfectly into the existing kitchen unit and when the unit door was closed the dishwasher was completely concealed. So if you want a dishwasher but think you can’t have one, think again. Give Dublin Area Plumbers a call, we’ll make it happen.


The Results (of fitting the compact dishwasher).


 Compact Dishwasher Before | Dublin Area Plumbers


Compact Dishwasher After | Dublin Area Plumbers

If you have any questions or comments on this post about fitting a compact dishwasher, or any other post on the Dublin Plumber Blog, give us a call on 01 675 0941.

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