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The Dublin Plumber Blog #20 – Magnetic Filter

This week, the Dublin Area Plumbers team were called out to Castleknock to install a new Magnaclean, magnetic filter. Take a look at the great job we did and the benefits of installing a magnetic filter in your home.

The Story.

There are a number of magnetic filters on the market at the moment. The one we prefer to use is Magnaclean. We believe it’s the easiest to install and maintain. We fit them with all new boiler installations in and around the Dublin area to help protect your new gas boiler and heating system from sludge build up. The black sludge that builds up inside a lot of heating systems causing cold patches at the bottom of radiators is actually metal deposits breaking down from within your heating system. This problem occurs mainly in older heating systems. Magnetic filters are designed to catch these metal deposits in a removable bottle as they circulate around the heating system. They prevent sludge from building up and eventually settling at the bottom of radiators or blocking up your heat exchanger in your gas boiler. Magnetic filters are a great addition to any heating system and we recommend anyone who has a sluggish heating system to get one installed.

Cleaning them out is relatively easy too and should be done once or twice a year depending on how old your heating system is. If you are anyway handy about the house, cleaning your new magnetic filter is something you could do yourself. It is only a matter of turning off 2 valves, unscrewing the filter bottle, rinsing it under a tap, screwing it back on again and reopening the valves. This is something we can show you after we have installed your new Magnetic filter. But don’t worry, if a spot of light plumbing work is something you are not confident doing by yourself give Dublin Area Plumbers a call and we can do it for you.

In the pictures below you can clearly see how much black sludge was caught by this filter after only 6 months.


The Results (of installing the Magnetic Filter).

At the beginning:

 Magnetic Filter | Dublin Area Plumbers

After 6 months:

After Mangetic Filter | Dublin Area Plumbers

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  1. Interesting! I’ve heard of magnetic filters for food manufacturing and such, but didn’t know that there were any applications in them for the home. That’s a crazy amount of sludge that it removed, wow.

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