Quick Toilet Replacement

The Dublin Plumber Blog #17 – Quick Toilet Replacement

This week, the Dublin Area Plumbers team were called out to make a quick toilet replacement.

The Story.

This accident happened during the Ireland/Italy match in the Euros 2016. After the 1 nil win to Ireland a man from Raheny in Dublin 5 had a few celebratory drinks at home. He went to use the toilet holding a pint glass. Gripping his pint glass under his chin he went about his business. Unfortunately the glass slipped and came crashing down into the toilet causing it to break in numerous places. The pint glass survived apparently! Luckily for him his wife was away at the time. We got a call the following day on the Dublin emergency plumbing line to come quick and carry out a quick toilet replacement before his wife came home. Within 2 hours of his call his new toilet was fit and the old one taken away. This man is still happily married today as a result.

The Results (of the quick toilet replacement).

Before:                                                           After:

 Toilet Replacement | Broken Toilet                         Toilet Replacement | Fixed Toilet


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