The Dublin Plumber Blog #27 – Radiator Replacement

When a Dublin plumbing company told a customer that a radiator replacement couldn’t be done, Dublin Area Plumbers was called in for a second opinion. Read more to learn about how our uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction.

The Story.

We got a call from a man looking for a plumber in Templeogue Dublin 6W because he had a radiator in his kitchen that leaked every time it was turned off. The leak was coming from the old radiator valve and needed to be replaced. This is a common enough problem and one we come across quite often, so after a few general questions we were able to give him a price over the phone. We advised to replace the existing on/off radiator valve with a TRV (thermostatic radiator valve). The radiator valve replacement was booked in for the following day.

When we got there and started getting set up, the lady of the house said that she would have preferred to get the whole radiator replaced but that the Dublin plumber she worked with previously said that it couldn’t be done without major works- and that her wooden floors would have to be lifted up. This was total nonsense. The only reason we could think of for the other plumber saying this was because the radiator the lady wanted replaced was big and heavy and that he simply didn’t want to do the job. But one thing for sure is that Dublin Area Plumbers do not shy away from hard work and we were happy to tell our customers that they could get the rad they wanted no problem at all.

We gave them a price on the spot to replace the existing panel radiator with a high efficiency convector radiator which would pump out more heat for less energy costs and arranged to come back the next day.

When we came back to Templeogue Dublin 6W the next day we had the old radiator out and the new one installed within 2 hours. Our customers were delighted and so were we that we were able to give them what they wanted. We recommend you always get a second opinion if you’ve been told something can’t be done. There is always ways around things and options you may not have even thought of.

In the “after” picture attached to this blog post you can see the lady of the house touching the rad as it heated up. She was over the moon and so were we that she was so happy. We love plumbing in Dublin and we especially love happy customers.

The Radiator Replacement.


Radiator Replacement- Before
The old radiator.


Radiator Replacement - After
The new radiator.

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