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The Plumber Dublin Blog #12 – Filtration and Ventilation

This week, the Dublin Area Plumbers team replaced a bath / shower mixer tap, fixed a bathroom ventilation problem, and replaced hose connections for a filtration unit in a busy Dublin restaurant.

New Mixer Taps

bath shower mixer taps - Dublin Area PlumbersA set of bath shower mixer taps had seen better days in Balbriggan North County Dublin. The diverter valve which switched the water from the bath setting to the shower setting had broken.

A piece of plastic had to be used to hold it up on the shower setting. The original bath shower mixer tap is a handy tap for rinsing down and general cleaning but when used for daily showering can wear out very quickly.

We removed the original bath shower mixer set and installed a high quality bath shower mixer designed for daily showering with an easy to use lever action operating handle.

Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom ventilation - Dublin Area PlumbersBathroom ventilation is very important. Many bathrooms, en suites and wet areas around Dublin have insufficient ventilation systems installed. We very often get calls from people complaining of smells of damp and other bad odours in their bathrooms and wet areas.

The fan installed in this apartment bathroom in Donnybrook Dublin 4 should not have been installed in the ceiling. These particular fans only work when installed on exterior walls. A more powerful fan was required to push air through ventilation ducts. These fans are called centrifugal fans.

We removed the existing extractor fan and replaced it with a centrifugal fan and wired it into a timer, which means that the fan runs for a time after the lights have been switched off to ensure all the moisture or bad odours have been extracted from the room.

Filtration Unit

Filtration Unit - Dublin Area PlumbersSometimes even the simplest of plumbing problems can turn out to be a nightmare for the average person. This water filtration unit in a restaurant in South Dublin city centre sprung a leak when one of the hose connections snapped off. To make matters worse, the isolation valve to the unit would not turn off the water supply.

All the customer could do was wrap tape around the supply pipe and wait for Dublin Area Plumbers to arrive. We managed to get the water supply turned off and replaced both hose connections.

Water can be very damaging so always make sure you know where to turn water off and that all your water supply shut off valves work properly.

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