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The Plumber Dublin Blog #14 – The Christmas Tree Hotpress

It may be the holiday season but the Dublin Area Plumbers team have been hard at work over Christmas. Here’s a look at some of the jobs we’ve done over the last couple of weeks.

Power Shower Replacement

Power Shower - Dublin Area PlumbersAn electric power shower in Rathfarnham Dublin 6 had stopped working after years of domestic use.

These showers require a hot and cold water supply, they do not heat the water instantly like Triton T90’s or Mira Elites. There is a pump built into the unit which provides extra water pressure without affecting the rest of the plumbing system in the house.

The original electric power shower was removed and a new one installed in its place. The replacement power shower had the same water inlet connections and mounting holes so no new holes were required to install. However, the new shower riser rail was an updated version with new mounting holes. The original drill holes were left to be filled with grout to match the tiles.

Water Leak

Water Leak - Dublin Area PlumbersA water leak in a house in Raheny Dublin 5 went undetected for so long that it rotted floorboards and one if the floor joists completely away. The leak was behind a washing machine and dish washer in a utility room.

After repairing the leak we removed the damaged section of floorboards, the rotten floor joist was replaced and water barrier plywood was laid to replace the floorboards. The customer had new machines delivered which we installed on the newly repaired floor.

Dublin Area Plumbers do more than plumbing and heating installations, maintenance and repairs. Where possible we are can repair damage that a water leak may cause. For larger repairs we can help you find another quality trades man.

Fractured Plumbing Fitting and Leak

Fractured Plumbing Fitting and Leak - Dublin Area PlumbersThis was the cause of a leak behind a washing machine and dish washer in a utility room in Raheny Dublin 5. It went undetected for so long that it caused the floorboards underneath the machines rot through.

The brass compression nut on a plumbing fitting had fractured and water leaked through. Not a very common thing to happen and not something we see very often.

We replaced the damaged nut along with a small section of copper pipework and installed a new washing machine valve.

We also repaired the water damaged section of floorboards.

Christmas Tree Hotpress

Ok we know it’s Christmas but a Christmas tree in a hot press is a bit much.

We were called to a house in Artane Dublin 5 because the water pressure had dropped in the heating system and some radiators were not heating properly. When we went to the hot press to re pressurise the heating system what we found was amazing.

Never before have we seen a domestic hot press with so many plumbing valves. It looked like Christmas tree lights so we simply had to take a pic. Apparently the previous owner had plans to turn the house into a Bed & Breakfast but even so, there is no need for so many plumbing valves.

This is what we call crazy plumbing in Dublin! Have a look at the picture below and see what you think.

Christmas Tree Hotpress - Dublin Area Plumbers

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