The Plumber Dublin Blog #15 – Sink Waste Pipework

This week, the Dublin Area Plumbers team replaced a booster pump, re-piped some kitchen sink waste pipework and repaired a leak in a hot press.

Booster Pump Replacement

Booster Pump Replacement - Dublin Area PlumbersA clothes shop on Drury Street Dublin 2 was our next port of call when a mains booster pump stopped working after years of use.

These pumps are designed to boost mains water in low pressure areas from small storage tanks called break tanks. They should not be attached directly onto mains pipework.

Older mains booster pumps like the original one in this building have large pressure vessels attached which when depressurised activates a switch and turns the pump on, when the pressure vessel re-pressurises the pump turns off. Newer mains booster pumps like the one we installed here on Drury Street Dublin 2 have electronic pressure switches which do not require pressure vessels and fit neatly into tight spaces like this one.

Sink Waste Pipework

Sink Waste - Dublin Area PlumbersMost kitchen sinks are supplied with a bag full of waste fittings that even an experienced Dublin plumber can be a little confused by. This kitchen sink in Donnycarney Dublin 9 was installed using the original waste fittings supplied. Over a relatively short period of time the plastic nuts and rubber rings began to get loose until the whole thing fell apart.

Despite our customers best efforts the waste fittings leaked no matter how they were put back together. The only way to guarantee a good solid job with no leaks was to completely repipe the kitchen sink waste pipework. We installed 2 traps where there was only 1 before and used the correct sized inch and a half pipework.

This is the what should have been done from day 1. Dublin Area Plumbers never use waste connections supplied with kitchen sinks. We prefer to use our own Irish waste pipe and fittings and we never have any issues.

Hot Press Leak

Hot Press Leak - Dublin Area PlumbersA customer of ours in Ashtown Dublin 15 pulled a suitcase out of his hot press and found that the bottom of it was wet. He called Dublin Area Plumbers to investigate.

There was water leaking up from the concrete floor and from 2 plumbing fittings coming off the hot water cylinder. The area was so wet that a neighbour in the apparent below found a damp patch on the ceiling.

We drained the gas central heating system and replaced the leaking plumbing fittings. We broke up the concrete around the leaking pipe in the floor and replaced a section of pipework.

It’s lucky these leaks were found when they were as they could have caused a lot of damage to the apartment below if left undetected.

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