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The Plumber Dublin Blog #3 – Bath and Floorboards Replacement

A look at some of the work carried out by the DublinAreaPlumbers team, including a bath replacement, a shower valve rupture, and a dual element immersion.

Bath and Shower Replacement

Bath and Floorboards Replacement - Dublin Area Plumbers
Bath and Floorboards Replacement

This is a bathroom in a rental property in Clonsilla. When the tenants showered, water leaked through a crack in the base of the bath out onto the floor. The problem got worse as time went on.


As a result, the bathroom floorboards have to be replaced because of water damage. The bath is being replaced, new floorboards are being fitted and new floor tiles.


Pics of the finished job will follow soon. 

New Shower Valve and Riser Rail

Shower Valve Rupture - Dublin Area Plumbers
Shower Valve Rupture

This was another emergency call out in Rathmines. The old plastic shower valve had ruptured due to wear and tear. Water leaked out the back of the shower valve and flowed down the wall through to the ceiling of the kitchen below.

On our first after hours call out we isolated the water, removed the shower valve and blanked off the pipework. We returned the next day and fit a new shower valve and riser rail. We also replaced two tiles which had to be removed to access the pipework behind the shower valve.

This customer is delighted with her new shower, which has a much better flow rate then her previous one.


Kitchen Sink Tap Replacement

Broken Kitchen Sink Tap - Dublin Area Plumbers
Broken Kitchen Sink Tap

An emergency call out in Clonskeagh. The bracket holding this kitchen sink tap had come loose and fallen off. Over time the movement of the tap put stress on the pipes below until one night they simply fell off.

We called out late at night to isolate the water and make it safe for the night. We returned the next day and remounted the tap and replaced the pipes underneath with flexi hoses.

Be aware. If a tap becomes loose get it fixed straight away, don’t wait for it to fall off completely and have a plumbing emergency on your hands.

New Dual Element Immersion

Dual Element Immersion - Dublin Area Plumbers
Dual Element Immersion

New dual element immersion fitted in Raheny earlier this week.

We always recommend heating your water by turning off all the radiators and turning on your boiler. More hot water is achieved for less money.

Immersions should only really be used as a back up if your gas boiler breaks down

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