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The Plumber Dublin Blog #2 – Combi Gas Boiler

A look at some of the work carried out by the Dublin Area Plumbers team, including a shower hose and a new Combi Gas Boiler.

Toilet - Dublin Area PlumbersBe carful who you get to do any work for you in your home or place of business. Make sure they are reputable company and come with references.

This box casing was built up so tight to the under side of the cistern the when it came to a part needing to be replaced, the box casing had to be dismantled and tiles removed to access the bolts to separate the cistern from the pan.

This toilet hadn’t flushed properly in weeks. The customer now has a perfectly flushing toilet but now has to get her box casing completely retiled.

Shower Hose - Dublin Area Plumbers
Shower Hose

Earlier this week we called out to a job because the customer had bought a new hose for her shower and couldn’t fit it in the cradle. We had to replace it again with one that fit.

If you are trying a little DIY plumbing at home, make sure that you take what ever you are repairing or replacing to your supplier to make sure you buy the correct part.

If you need any technical help or advice feel free to give us a call. We are only happy to help.

Combi Gas Boiler - Dublin Area Plumbers
Combi Gas Boiler

Here is a combi boiler we fitted this week with a booster pump below. The customer now has hot water on demand and has amazing water pressure in all bathrooms and showers.

Combi gas boilers can be fitted into virtually any plumbing and heating system are very efficient and convenient.

We highly recommend them.

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