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The Plumber Dublin Blog #5 – Water Heater & Bath Replacement

A look at what the Dublin Area Plumbers team got up to this week, including the installation of an under-sink water heater and a bath replacement.

Under Sink Water Heater

Under sink water heater at KRUST BAKERY - Dublin Area Plumbers
Under sink water heater at KRUST BAKERY

Before and after pics of an under sink water heater we replaced in Krust Bakery in Dublin 8. New chrome flexi hoses we fitted too as the existing ones had corroded.


Under sink water heaters are a handy way of heating small amounts of water without the use of immersion cylinders and gas boilers. Very useful for hand wash sinks and prep sinks.






Bath Replacement

Bathroom Floor Replacement - Dublin Area Plumbers
Bathroom Floor Replacement

This is a picture of a bathroom we worked on in a rental property in Clonsilla. The floor was in a pretty bad way. There was a major leak from the old bath that had damaged the floor. We replaced the floor boards and retiled the floor. The bath was replaced and a new row of tiles fitted around the top of the bath. A new bath panel was installed as the original one was in no condition to be reused. We removed and refit the existing toilet and wash hand basin and fit back the original bath screen. The tenants can now use the shower over the bath without it also showering down through the ceiling below.

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