The Dublin Plumber Blog #25 – Toilet Bolts

When a plumbing company gave a customer in Dublin 15 a costly estimate on a toilet repair, Dublin Area Plumbers was called in for a second opinion. Read more to learn about how our knowledge in the field can save you big on your next plumbing emergency.

The Story.

This is a common fault in close coupled toilets but one that’s hard to find if you don’t know where to look. This toilet in Blanchardstown Dublin 15 had been leaking for some time but the owner could not find where it was coming from. He called a well known plumbing company from north Dublin who came out and diagnosed the problem as a cracked cistern and priced the owner for a complete replacement toilet because he said that he could not get a cistern to match the existing pan. The owner did not feel that the plumber who called to his house  really knew his stuff and decided to get a second opinion. He saw our van parked on the road close by as we were working in Blanchardstown at the time and took our number off the side of the van. When we arrived we diagnosed the problem within minutes. There was no crack in the cistern and the toilet did not need to be replaced.

There are metal fixing bolts that fit through 2 holes at the bottom of the cistern. The cistern then sits on the back of the toilet pan and the bolts fit through another 2 holes at the back of the pan. The pan and cistern are then tightened together with wing nuts. These bolts can corrode and loosen over time allowing water to leak through the bolt holes and down onto the floor. Because these bolts were completely corroded they had to be cut off with a hacksaw. Replacement bolts are easy to get and we also keep some in the van because it’s a plumbing issue we get called out for quite often.

The plumber from north Dublin who called out before us simply did not have the experience required to diagnose the problem correctly. Dublin Area Plumbers have 25 years experience and come across these type of problems time and time again. Experience in the the plumbing and heating business is vital. Make sure the plumber you call is well established, because a simple fix like this if not diagnosed correctly could cost you a lot of money you didn’t have to spend.

Toilet Repair – Fixing the Corroded Bolts.


Toilet Repair - Corroded Bolts.
Here you can see the corroded bolts causing the toilet to leak. This was misdiagnosed by another company as a cracked cistern – a costly and time-intensive repair.


Toilet Pair - Replaced Bolts.
Replacing these toilet bolts was an effective and fast solution which saved the customer considerable time and money.

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