Towel Rad Extension

The Dublin Plumber Blog #19 – Towel Rad Extension

This week, the Dublin Area Plumbers team were called out to Dundrum in South Dublin, to add an extension to a towel rad in a bathroom. Take a look at the excellent job we completed, adding yet another happy customer to our ever growing list.

The Story.

A lot of towel warmers, or as they are more commonly known “towel rads” in and around the Dublin area are undersized for the rooms that they are in. Towel rads are designed to heat towels and not rooms. This is why when replacing a conventional radiator with a towel rad in your bathroom or ensuite it is important to get one large enough to heat the room. A good plumber will be able to measure up your bathroom or ensuite and advise you on the correct towel rad to get.

This was one of the more unusual jobs we’ve done recently and one we don’t see every day. A customer in Dundrum Dublin 14 had a towel warmer that she felt was too small for her ensuite bathroom. Normally we would remove the existing rad and replace it with a larger one, but in this case we felt that the existing towel warmer was still in very good condition and it would have been a shame to throw it out. After looking at all the options and measuring up we decided that rather than disposing of the original towel rad we would simply add to it. What made this such a practical idea is that not only did our customer not have to spend money on a bigger rad, but we also did not have to drain down the heating system to carry out the work. All we had to do was turn off the radiator valves. This meant the job could be done a lot quicker, saving on labour costs for our customer.

We fit 2 rad valves between the top and bottom sections so that if the customer requires a smaller amount of heat, the top section can be turned off and only the bottom half will heat up.

This job cost half of what it would have cost if the whole heating system was drained down and a  larger rad installed. We like to give our customers the best advice and value for money.


The Results (before and after the towel rad extension).


 Towel Rad Before | Dublin Area Plumbers


towel rad after | Dublin Area Plumbers

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