Wash Hand Basin Repair

The Dublin Plumber Blog #18 – Wash Hand Basin Repair

This week the Dublin Area Plumbers team were called out to repair a wash hand basin in an apartment on Pearse Street, Dublin 2. Take a look at the job we completed, with yet another happy customer added to the list.

The Story.

There was a time when pop up wastes were all the rage. You pull a skinny bar behind the tap up and down to open and close the plug hole. At the best of times this system is hard to use and gets stuck a lot. Elderly people in particular often find it difficult to pull the bar up enough to stop the water from draining out, because the seal wouldn’t be tight enough.

This wash hand basin in a house on Pearse Street Dublin 2 was installed originally with a pop up waste. The part that pops up and down went missing, which is another common problem with these basin waste systems. It had also become discoloured with age. The only thing to do was to replace it. We replaced it with a much easier to use spring loaded basin waste. Another name for them is “click clack” wastes. You simply push it down to close it and push it down again to open it. We fit them all the time and our customers think they’re great . They’re a brilliant little system and we love them.

The Results (before and after the basin repair).


 Before Shot | Basin Repair


After Shot | Basin Repair

If you have any questions or comments on this post about wash hand basin repairs, or any other post on the Dublin Plumber Blog, give us a call on 01 675 0941.

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  1. Brian was prone and too the point. A classy worker who is fast and effective and punctual.
    I would have no problem recommending him to anyone.

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