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The Dublin Plumber Blog #22 – Nightclub Wash Hand Basin

This week, the Dublin Area Plumbers team were called out to a nightclub on Leeson Street in response to a ruptured pipe on a wash hand basin. Read more to learn about our dedication to not only fixing the problem, but preventing future mishaps.

The Story.

This was a plumbing emergency call we received in the early hours of last Sunday morning. While most people were sleeping, we were hard at work in a nightclub on Leeson Street, Dublin 2. When staff were locking up, water was heard coming from the disabled toilet. They found that the wash hand basin was hanging off the wall. One of the pipes had ruptured on the supply side of the service valve so staff could not turn the water off. All they could do was contain the leak as best they could with duct tape and buckets until we arrived.

When we arrived shortly after, the first thing to do was to shut the water supply off. As this was a nightclub, all unsightly pipework and valves were very well hidden from view. It took some time to find where to turn off the water as we were not familiar with the buildings plumbing system and pipe layout. After an extensive search, we found the water shut off valve on the roof, quite a distance away from the toilets.

Once the water was isolated we got down to repairing the damaged pipe work. As the original burst pipe was made of plastic, we decided to replace it with copper to insure that if this ever happened again that the pipe would not split so easily.

After the repair work was carried out we showed the location of the water shut off valve to the manager who showed it to all of the staff. It’s is important to know where to turn water off in case of an emergency. Water can cause serious damage to a building, so in an emergency plumbing situation the quicker you can isolate the water supply the better.

The Results (of fixing the wash hand basin).

Basin hanging off of the wall:

 basin hanging off the wall

Temporary repair by staff:

temporary repair by staff

Damaged Pipe:

 damaged pipe

Repair with Copper Pipe:

repair with copper pipe

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